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We are leaders in our industry and strive to keep up with the latest technological advances. For more than 30 years, dBA has been a leader in all aspects of environmental assessments in noise and vibration throughout Canada. dBA prepares environmental studies for industrial/commercial applications, residential subdivisions, and issuance of vibration. Each step we make is towards a better future for our clients, our business as well as our team members.

Our Services

At dBA, the concept of quality extends beyond service. Our approach is focused on efficiency, quality and increasing the value to our clients. Our engineers and specialists understand client's issues and are able to provide the most effective solution.

We provide quality services to contractors, project owners and property owners. These services including:
Environmental Services
Mining Services
  • Re:mote Vibration Monitoring
  • Re:mote Noise Monitoring
  • Re:mote Dust Monitoring
  • Re:mote Geotechnical Monitoring
  • Vibration and Noise Monitoring
dBA Environmental Services offers road and rail noise vibration studies   dBA Environmental Services offers noise impact studies for industrial and commercial applications   dBA Environmental Services offers residential subdivision studies
Road and Rail Noise/Vibration Studies
Industrial and Commercial Studies
Residential Subdivision Studies
dBA Environmental Services provides noise monitoring for numerous festivals in various Ontario municipalities   dBA Environmental Services provides construction vibration and noise monitoring for both long and short terms depending on your industry needs.   dBA Environmental Services provides inspection services.
Festival & Recreational Sports Noise Monitoring
Construction Vibration and Noise Monitoring
Pre & Post Construction Inspections

Why choose Us?

dBA is dedicated to provide professional services of the highest quality. We continuously strive to meet our clients' needs through innovative solutions. Our practical experience and technical skills gained over many years of hard work are the strengths of dBA.

dBA Environmental Services Inc.

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