1. How much will this cost?
  • There is NO cost to you for this service.

  1. What do you mean pre-condition survey?
  • This is a photographic inspection of all buildings and structures in the vicinity of the construction activities. We photographically document any cosmetic deficiencies perceived by the human eye.

  1. What will your inspectors look for?
  • Our inspectors look for anything that may be aggravated by construction activities such as cracks in plaster or drywall, ceramic tile, nail popping, molding separation, broken windows, etc.
  • We typically look at the basement and first floor, unless we indicate otherwise. Should there be a room or area you do not want our inspectors to document, please let them know.


  1. What if I have any concerns?
  • When our inspectors arrive for the inspection, notify them about your concerns that may include; pool, hot tub, in ground sprinkler system, well, septic tank, cistern etc.
  • Should you have a pool, please ensure to inform the inspector (if you know) of the age of the pool, liner, pump, any upgrades or repairs.
  • Should you have a sprinkler system it is ideal to notify the inspector where the lines and heads are located.
  • Should you have a well we will require to know the area it is located in, if it is dug or drilled and if it’s used for drinking or general purposes etc.
  • Should you have a septic tank/cistern inform the inspector of the age and any repairs/upgrades.


  1. How long will the inspection take?
  • Depending on the size of the building and the deficiencies found, an average inspection can take approximately 45 minutes to complete.
    • Note that property owners do not have to be present for exterior inspections and our inspectors do not conduct interior inspections unless an a person over the age of 18 is present.


  1. Do I really need to have this survey?
  • Although it is extremely rare to have damage occur from construction activities, and participation is voluntary, we highlyrecommend participating. This survey protects you, as well as the contract owner, and contractor.
  • **If you choose not to participate we HIGHLY suggest you contact our office so we do not make further attempts at contact.


  1. What will happen if I don’t want the inspection?
  • Should you decline participating in the inspection and you perceive your building has sustained damage, it would be up to the property owner to prove any perceived damage was caused by construction activities at their own expense.
  • Should you notice a deficiency that may not have been there prior to construction you will be directed to contact the construction company. **Note that dBA Services does not have any association with construction activities outside of our inspection services.


  1. Will anyone get to see the photos of my inspection?
  • At the completion of our inspections, dBA staff compile a comprehensive report. That report is then sent to the contractor with a copy of all photographs and any information collected onsite. The contractor may then be required to send a copy to the owner of the contract such as the Region/Municipality or private builder etc.


Should you have any further questions, contact our office at  905-383-9491 or email us at