Remote Monitoring Technology

Remote Vibration, Sound, Weather and Dust Monitoring

We offer continuous remote monitoring services that provide hands-off monitoring, analysis, and reporting of ground vibration, sound, dust, geotechnical and weather data. This service provides efficient, cost-effective data collection while placing the responsibility of gathering quality data in the hands of third-party experts.


Remote Vibration Monitoring

Remote vibration monitoring will be conducted using a Whites Mini seismograph to measure ground vibration and air overpressure. Whites Mini will download, review and upload vibration event files to our customized website in an timely manner. The data will be compared to the applicable criteria for ground vibration and air overpressure, and trend analyses of the seismic and air overpressure data will be available for assistance with future planning. In addition, we can review the results in order to discuss the results with key project personnel if necessary. The seismographs are calibrated on an annual basis.

Remote Noise Monitoring

Remote noise monitoring will be conducted using a Larson Davis System 820 Type 1 sound level meter to measure noise in dBA. Noise levels will be uploaded to the website on a pre-determined interval. The noise levels will be displayed graphically and compared to the appropriate criteria and/or baseline levels.

Remote Dust Monitoring “Coming Soon”

Please contact our estimator Frank Westaway at 905-229-2790 or to discuss pricing for your Remote monitoring needs.