Remote Vibration Monitoring

Ground vibration comes from many sources in the construction, mining and energy development industries-but no matter where it comes from, it can create concerns for equipment, structures or adjacent neigbours.

The Whites Mini Remote Vibration Monitoring System is a critical tool to help monitor and analyze vibration caused by construction or blasting activities. Our system will address project needs and provide experienced, third-party analysis of the collected data to help understand neighbour concerns. We use state-of-the-art instrumentation above standard blasting seismographs. This advanced technology allows two-way communication between the operator and the seismograph, downloads and instrument programming and diagnosis from anywhere in the world. Our capabilities far exceed others in the field, providing results of unassailable integrity.

Remote Vibration Monitoring System allows you to get data to project personnel without requiring them to spend hours in the field, saving you operational time and resources.


Please contact our estimator Frank Westaway at 905-229-2790 or to discuss pricing for your Remote monitoring needs.